About SO Festival

SO Festival is one of the biggest family-friendly cultural outdoor arts festival in the UK, located on the East Coast of Lincolnshire.

Centred in East Lincolnshire we reach local residents and work with our partners to reach tourists from across the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Engaging those not engaged in the arts we ignite their interest and enjoyment of the arts by providing opportunities to learn new skills, experience new things, and challenge themselves though exciting and unforgettable arts projects.

Our newest Artistic Director, Jens Frimann Hansen explains how, over the next four years, he intends to focus on participatory work and linking SO Festival to both a UK and a continental European festival context;

"I am conscious that a lot of artistic work is not designed for places like Skegness; artistically, socially, and site-wise. To improve this, I will introduce an exchange programme with young European artists to work in public spaces throughout Skegness. I am very keen to start conversations with artists and organisations about my vision and ideas".

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Grand Parade,
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