The Grand Theatre of Lemmings began as a touring theatre company in 1984, creating vibrant theatre shows with inventive themes and great comic skill. Their work opened up to embrace ‘street theatre’ and they quickly became pioneers of that new genre. In France they would be known as a ‘compagnie historique’ and have travelled the world performing at outdoor festivals and events in over 26 countries.

Now working as creative producers they are creating several imaginative celebratory events in their own region as well as creating a new theatre peice for the legendary Smallest Theatre in the World.  2017 looks to be as busy and beautiful as ever for The Lemmings.

The 'Museum of Coastal curiosities’ is a touring exhibition that tells the story of seaside entertainment on Tendring coastline in North Essex.  It will be animated by storytellers and live performances that will include a ‘Flea Circus’.  This curious exhibition will tour the five Tendring towns of Clacton, Harwich, Walton, Frinton and Jaywick in late August.  The exhibition is part of a Heritage Lottery project called Resorting to the Coast and is produced by the Grand Theatre of Lemmings.


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Manningtree, Essex